This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my son, Kai Samuel Gonzalez. Kai was taken to heaven suddenly and tragically at 4:30 PM on Saturday, February 16, 2013, in a drowning accident. He was 17 days away from turning 6 years old.

That day changed my life forever. It is my hope that by recording my thoughts about Kai, his death, the months since then, and my life as I attempt to learn to live without Kai, I may somehow be of some encouragement to someone else who is walking this same dark path.

4 thoughts on “Kai

  1. You express so perfectly what I am experiencing. The tears sit in a lump at the back of my throat all the time. It is hard to care much about life when the pain of terrible loss is so intense and raw. Yet I try to hold on to gratitude. Not easy to do when circumstances seem so cruel. Thank you for loving your beautiful son so much that you are taking your grief and reaching out to others!

  2. I haven’t read your words in a long time but today I was drawn to revisit your pages. I am a friend of Frank’s from our teenage years. I had him over for dinner a couple years ago along with some of his old band mates. He said you enjoyed my pasta that he brought home from the gathering and said you hadn’t had an appetite in a while. You write so eloquently. If you ever need an ear or a warm hug, please let me know! Vera

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